Classification Blaze Pokémon
Type Fire/Fighting
Implied Gender Male
Style Standard
HP 600
Synergy Gauge Size 150CC
Stance Effects High: Counter Armor for Low Attacks

Low: Counter Armor for High Attacks

Unlockability Starter
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Blaziken is a Fire/Fighting-type classified as the Blaze Pokémon. It evolves from Combusken and is the final form of Torchic, and it has the potential to Mega Evolve into Mega Blaziken.

In Pokkén Tournament Edit

Blaziken is a Standard Battle Pokemon that possesses high movement speed and damage output compared to others of the same category. Many of its moves also move its body forward to help close the distance between itself and its opponent and deal massive amounts of damage, particularly in Duel Phase.

All of its Pokemon Moves can be enhanced by holding the A button, granting them additional effects, damage output, and the ability to pierce opposing Counters. However, enhancing its Pokemon Moves drains Blaziken's HP, leaving it it very vulnerable to being KO'd during the gaps between its attacks. As such, it favors putting up a relentless, well-time offensive against its opponent to prevent them from retaliating, and KOing them in the process.

In terms of weaknesses, Blaziken suffers from a rather limited selection of ranged attack options instead relying on the forward movement involved in any of its close-ranged attacks. It is also prone to being KO'd after only a few hits from the opponent due to the aforementioned HP drain involved in performing its Enhanced Moves. Additionally, many of its non-enhanced moves feature increased start and end lag, as well as relatively average damage output, forcing Blaziken to frequently rely on enhancing its moves to succeed in battle.

Blaziken's fighting style seems to draw inspiration from Tekken's Bruce Irvin and Virtua Fighter's Jacky Bryant.

Special Characteristics Edit

Midair Dash Edit

By pressing the R button while in the air, Blaziken will perform a short dash forward in mid-air. This allows it to extend the range of some of its airborne attacks and aid in chasing down opponents.

Enhanced (EX) Attacks Edit

By holding the A button when performing Blaziken's Pokemon moves (rather than simply tapping it), Blaziken will perform an Enhanced (EX) version of that move. The enhanced versions deal more damage and often have other additional effects, but their use consumes Blaziken's HP. This HP remains as Recoverable HP, however, and may thus be regained through certain Supports, Phase Shifting or Synergy Burst. The additional effects and increased damage output of Blaziken's Enhanced moved are as follows:

  • Enhanced Brave Bird (4A): Blaziken no longer performs a flip before using the move, and travels further as well. The attack now takes on a fiery aesthetic and is safe on block.
  • Enhanced Heat Wave (5A): Blaziken flashes and then produces long-lasting wave of flames immediately in front of it. If successful, it stuns the opponent and decreases their Attack. The attack lasts longer if the A button is held through the whole attack, but it also saps more health.
  • Enhanced Blaze Kick (6A): The attack comes out faster, and does three kicks instead of two. It also links into Flare Blitz more effectively if the first kick lands.
  • Enhanced Flare Blitz (6A-X): Blaziken charges up for a moment before unleashing an even more damaging attack on the opponent. The Red Armor doesn't happen until he's finished charging.
  • Enhanced Sky Uppercut (8A Duel): The uppercut now comes out more quickly, and once airborne Blaziken produces a vertical vortex of flames around itself to deal additional damage.
  • Enhanced High Jump Kick (jA): The move now pierces Counter Attacks, and bounces Blaziken back into the air (even if the opponent blocks the attack). If the attack connects, Blaziken can can combo into airborne Weak Attack by pressing R followed by Y.

Synergy Burst Edit

Aesthetics Edit

Blaziken burst

Mega Blaziken in its victory animation.

Character-Specific Synergy Burst Effects Edit

Burst Attack - Gatling Flame Kicks Edit

Gatling Flame Kicks is a Normal Burst Attack. Due to being a Burst Attack, it counts as a fully-charged Normal Attack and will pierce opposing Counter Attacks. If used against a Grabbing opponent, it will land a Critical Hit.

Its startup consists of Mega Blaziken launching a series of Blaze Kicks at whatever is immediately in front of it, the last of which sends the opponent into the air, initiating the full attack animation.

Mega Blaziken has invincibility frames shortly after startup, but loses invincibility after the initial series of kicks and is vulnerable during the large kick that would intiate the full burst animation.

Move List Edit

Input Name Description Damage
Y (Field Phase) Ranged Attack Blaziken shoots two fireballs at the opponent. Links up with Forward Ranged attack if Y is pressed again. 47
Side + Y (Field Phase) Side Ranged Attack A horizontal line of flames is launched at the opponent with a kick. The kick will do damage up close. Another Y press will follow-up with Forward Ranged Attack. 18 (Kick), 20 (Flames)
Forward + Y (Field Phase) Forward Ranged Attack A fiery punch that launches flames over a short distance. 60
Backward + Y (Field Phase) Backward Ranged Attack Blaziken creates a vortex by performing a spinning kick. Its hitbox cancels out most opposing projectiles. 91
Y (Midair, Field Phase) Jumping Ranged Attack Blaziken creates a stationary fireball that damages opponents who make contact with it. By hitting Y again, Blaziken will kick it, sending it flying at the opponent. Jumping Side Ranged Attack can be input as a mix-up. X can be pressed to perform Jumping Attack as another fake-out option. 30 (Stationary fireball), 96 (Kicked fireball)
Side + Y (Midair, Field Phase) Jumping Side Ranged Attack Blaziken dodges to the side, then kicks high above its head, launching a vertical line of fire. 60
X, X, X (Field Phase) Homing Attack A kick, backhanded punch, followed up by two claw slashes. Can be charged to pierce shields. 117
X (Midair, Field Phase) Jumping Attack Blaziken homes in on the opponent midair and delivers an overhead fiery kick. This move can be charged, and the fully charged version will pierce Counter Attacks. 80, 120 (fully charged)
Y, Y, Y Weak Attack Blaziken slashes the target twice and knees them. Y can be pressed again to link up with Blaze Kick. 64
Forward + Y Forward Weak Attack A swift kick. Can be followed up with Y or X. Y will execute a jab punch similar to the Forward Ranged Attack (minus the fire), and X will result in a backflip kick similar to the second hit of Low Stance Strong Attack. 40, 30 (Punch follow-up), 80 (Kick follow-up)
Up + Y High Stance Weak Attack A diagonal flying knee. Y can be pressed again to execute High Jump Kick. 80
Down + Y Low Stance Weak Attack A crouching claw swipe. Blaze Kick can be performed by pressing Y again. 20
Y (Midair) Midair Weak Attack A flurry of rapid kicks. 33
X Strong Attack A simultaneous knee and elbow blow. 60
Forward + X, X, X Forward Strong Attack A forward-somersault axe kick, a brazilian kick, and a gut punch. 120
Up + X High Stance Strong Attack Blaziken jumps and performs a turning axe kick. Can be cancelled into a Midair dash with R if timed correctly. 80
Down + X, X Low Stance Strong Attack A sweeping kick followed by a backflip kick. 120
X (Midair) Midair Strong Attack A dive kick. 50
Y + B Grab Attack In Duel Phase, Blaziken uppercuts the enemy and Blaze Kicks them as they come back down. In Field Phase, Blaziken delivers two slashes and two kicks in quick succession. 90 (Duel Phase), 80 (Field Phase)
X + A Counter Attack An open-hand strike. Can be charged. 60, 80 (fully charged)
R (Midair) Midair Dash Blaziken glides forward in the air for a short distance. Useful for dodging and chasing down the opponent.
X (Charge and then release) Charge Strong Attack A backflip kick delivered with so much power, Blaziken lands on its stomach. 120
A Flamethrower Blaziken launches fire from its wrists, which travels a short distance forward, which stops the opponent upon contact. Can become an EX attack by holding A, in which Blaziken glows red and breathes fire in a furious wave around itself. Gives an Attack Decrease to the opponent when it hits. 51, 140 (EX)
Forward + A Blaze Kick Two kicks covered in flames. Transitions into Flare Blitz if X is pressed between the first and second kick. Blaziken will deliver a third kick if A is held for the EX version. Damages Blaziken for 30 HP when enhanced. 80, 140 (EX)
X (After the first hit of Blaze Kick) Flare Blitz Blaziken delivers a full-force, fiery, overhead punch midair. Can be enhanced either independently, or in conjunction with Blaze Kick, in which the attack creates more flames and damages Blaziken for 60 HP. 120, 140 (EX)
Back + A Aerial Ace Blaziken jumps, flies in a loop, and then flies forward as sparks create a V shape that resemble wings. If A is held, Blaziken will execute an EX version where Blaziken goes straight into a forward flying blitz, engulfed in larger wings of fire. Damages Blaziken for 40 HP when enhanced. 100, 160 (EX)
A (Midair) High Jump Kick Blaziken rushes diagonally downward, delivering a powerful knee. Damages Blaziken for 40 HP if it misses. If A is held, the resulting EX attack will generate massive flames as Blaziken delivers the move. Doing this damages Blaziken for 40 HP, and it will be hurt for an additional 40 HP upon missing. 100, 120 (EX)
Up + A Sky Uppercut A spinning, jumping uppercut. The EX version will create flames as Blaziken does this, followed by a hurricane of fire if it connects. Damages Blaziken for 30 HP. 128, 164 (EX)
L + R (During Synergy Burst) Gatling Flame Kicks Mega Blaziken delivers a flurry of rapid kicks, and then kicks the target upward, covered in fire. Mega Blaziken then flies up and delivers a powerful divekick. Blaziken and the opponent stay suspended in the air as the flames rapidly burn the enemy. Mega Blaziken then continues its momentum as it lands on the ground while a massive explosion erupts behind it. Pierces counters. Increases Blaziken's speed. 242

Poké Combos Edit

Inputs Name Description Damage
Y, Y, Y, Y Poké Combo 1 Weak Attack followed by Blaze Kick. Can be enhanced by holding Y and transitioned into Flare Blitz with X. 120, 162 (EX)
Up + Y, Y Poké Combo 2 High Stance Weak Attack followed by High Jump Kick, which can be enhanced by holding Y. 130, 140 (EX)
Down + Y, Y Poké Combo 3 Low Stance Weak Attack followed by Black Kick. Can be enhanced by holding Y and transitioned into Flare Blitz with X. 76, 118 (EX)

Version historyEdit


  • Endlag of low stance weak attack reduced.
  • Midair weak attack made better at avoiding long-ranged attacks.
  • Burst Attack no longer causes a guard break.

Trivia Edit

  • Blaziken, alongside Lucario, was the first Pokémon seen in the teaser video during the Pokémon Game Show event held in Japan in August 2013.
  • The Speed Increase Mega Blaziken gains after it performs its Burst Attack is a reference to Speed Boost, the Ability of Mega Blaziken and Hidden Ability of Blaziken in the main series Pokémon games.
  • The enhanced move mechanic may be inspired by Blaziken's Ability in the main series Pokémon games, Blaze, where Fire-Type attacks are boosted when its HP is low: the enhanced versions all add or increase fire effects of moves, and relate to the theme of risk via HP with recoil damage. While Charizard and Braixen may also have Blaze, Blaziken having this Ability is unique in that it is the Fire Type Starter from the generation that introduced Abilities, thus being a likely reasoning for Blaziken being the one with this mechanic.
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