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Classification Luring Pokémon
Type Ghost/Fire
Implied Gender Female
Style Power
HP 510
Synergy Gauge Size 200CC
Stance Effects High: Avoid Low Attacks, can move.

Low: Avoid High Attacks, can move.

Unlockability Starter
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Chandelure is a playable Pokémon in Pokkén TournamentIt is a Ghost/Fire type and the evolution of Lampent, making it the final form of Litwick. It is known as the Luring Pokémon.

In Pokkén Tournament[]

Chandelure is a power type Pokémon. Its deadliest attribute is it's ability to pierce counter attacks and blocks, crippling the opponent severely. However, it has very low HP (tied with Gengar for the second lowest), making it a glass cannon. A common strategy Chandelure players utilize involves avoiding the opponent and utilizing a variety of attacks, such as Chandelure's forward weak attack and Will-O-Wisp. This playstyle is aided by Hex, allowing players to respond even to shields effectively at long distances.

Synergy Burst[]


Character-Specific Burst Mode Effects[]

*Its forward X,X becomes a flame beam that stuns the opponent, allowing for a followup attack.

Burst Attack - Final Flicker[]

Chandelure shoots a beam at its opponent and put them in a circle of fire. It attacks them in total darkness and a flame is seen being extinguished as the opponent falls into darkness. It causes attack and defense to be lowered, which can be used with Hex after the attack.

Move List[]

Note: All Pokémon attacks pierce counter attacks. Forward + Y fully charged also pierce counter attacks.


Name Notes Damage
A Will-O-Wisp Passes through ranged attacks and decreases the opponent's attack. Chargeable. 60
Forward + A Smog Counter attack. Reduces opponent's defense. Thrusts opponent away, allowing for spacing. 60
Back + A Flame Burst Reduces opponent's Synergy Gauge. Chargeable. 72-103
A (Midair) Incinerate Trajectory can be changed with the D-Pad. Reduces opponent's Support Gauge. 80 (No Status) 120 (1 Negative Status) 240 (2 Negative Status)
Hold A Minimize Serves as a dodge and can be cancelled with a Y or A attack. 0
Up + A Overheat Resists hit stun. Removes positive effects or adds negative effects, depending on Chandelure's status. Damage depends on Chandelure's status. 180 (No status), 64 (Negative status), 216 (Positive status)
Down + A Hex A disjointed grab. Reduces opponent's recoverable HP. Powers up with debuffs on opponent. 80
Burst Attack Final Flicker Pierces counters. Reduces opponent's recoverable HP. Inflicts two negative statuses. 220

Version history Version history */ []


  • Lowered movement speed when using side ranged attack.
  • Duration of self-inflicted negative status from strong attack reduced.
  • Forward strong attack damage increased.
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  • Chandelure's ability to pierce counter attacks with all its moves may be a reference to one of its abilities in the main series games, Infiltrator.