CADC nia-0

Nia explaining CADC in the tutorial.

Counter Attack Dash Cancelling (CADC) is a technique in Pokkén Tournament that lets a Counter Attack be cancelled into a dash. This maneuver is performed by activating a Counter Attack (X button+A button) then pressing the R button button combined with the direction desired to dash in.

The nature of CADC allows the fighter to absorb Normal Attacks without receiving hitstun, allowing them to position themselves accordingly. Performing a Counter Attack without cancelling it leaves the fighter vulnerable to attacks because of its recovery frames.

CADC is particularly useful for closing distances between the fighter and the opponent. As such, it is a useful move to combat projectiles from afar. However, one must be wary of counter-piercing Ranged Attacks, as performing a CADC against them would prove to be ineffective.

Trivia Edit

  • This maneuver is called by many names, some of which include Counter Dash Cancel (CDC), Counter Attack Cancel (CAC), and Counter Cancelling (CC).
  • CADC does not work on command counters.