Classification Toxic Mouth Pokémon
Type Poison/Fighting
Implied Gender Male
Style Speed
HP 540
Synergy Gauge Size 150CC
Stance Effects High: Charge the Synergy Gauges of itself and opponent.

Low: Avoid High Attacks, restore HP.

Unlockability Starter
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Croagunk is a Poison/Fighting Type Pokémon, known as the Toxic Mouth Pokémon. It evolves into Toxicroak. It is a battle Pokémon exclusive to the arcade version in Pokkén Tournament and Pokkén Tournament DX on Switch. It was announced on November 1st, 2016 in a NicoNico livestream, and released as part of Version F01 on November 10th, 2016.

In Pokkén Tournament Edit

Croagunk is a very small, nimble fighter who typically does not do high amounts of damage, but has many surprises in this regard. Despite being a Speed type fighter, Croagunk is largely about employing tricks and mindgames on the opponent like Technique fighters often do. In addition, it can create a multitude of random effects, such as differing projectiles and status effects. Taking advantage of positive effects, and dealing with negative effects are crucial to success with Croagunk, and requires quick thinking to do so.

Special Characteristics Edit

Gunk Shot Edit

A very risky move based on luck that can either deal huge amounts of damage, or even damage Croagunk itself. One of Croagunk's more potentially useful projectiles that can help turn the tide of battle.

Midair Float Edit

An aerial stance that lets Croagunk stay off the ground. Thanks to the fact it can perform aerial moves out of this, Croagunk can stay airborne for a considerable amount of time, while performing many confusing movements.

Wall Cling Edit

One of Croagunk's most unique attributes. When Croagunk collides with the outer wall during a midair attack, it will hold on to the outer wall, falling at a decreased speed, gaining overall speed boosts, and being able to cancel into another midair attack.

Thief Edit

Croagunk can not only steal Synergy power from its opponent, but status effects as well. Since some of Croagunk's moves can potentially give the opponent positive status effects, this move is extremely useful for helping alleviate that disadvantage as well as doing increased damage.

Synergy Burst Edit

Character-Specific Synergy Burst Effects Edit

Burst Attack Edit

Move List Edit

Input Name Description Damage
Y (Field Phase) Ranged Attack Croagunk spits out a purple mist. Has extremely little range and is fairly weak, but can be charged and canceled into a Pokémon move or jump. This move can also absorb certain projectiles, becoming able to absorb more powerful projectiles if charged. 20-30
Side + Y (Field Phase) Side Ranged Attack Croagunk spits out two purple balls of poison in an upward arc. Croagunk's trajectory cannot be changed during the attack. Can be canceled with a Pokémon move or jump and can be linked into Forward or Back Ranged Attack. Always leaves the target with at least 1 HP. 20
Forward + Y (Field Phase) Forward Ranged Attack Croagunk kicks. Somewhat low range, but considerably strong and can be charged. Guarantees phase shift. 120
Backward + Y (Field Phase) Backward Ranged Attack Croagunk plants a bomb that explodes after a certain period of time. Charging the attack increases range. Croagunk can also take damage from the bomb. 160
Y (Midair, Field Phase) Jumping Ranged Attack Throws three purple balls. Trajectory can be altered. The attack can be linked into Gunk Shot. 20
X, X, X (Field Phase) Homing Attack Croagunk does a sliding kick, then three punches, ending with a jumping kick. Can be cancelled. Final hit pierces counters and guards when charged. 20 (hit 1)
10, 10, 10 (hit 2)
40-60 (hit 3)
X (Midair, Field Phase) Jumping Attack A slam downwards. Trajectory can be altered. Phase shifts. 80
Direction + X (Midair) Jumping Side Attack/ Jumping Forward Attack/ Jumping Backward Attack Croagunk does a cartwheel in midair. Can transition into all midair attacks and Wall Cling. 27
Y, Y, Y Weak Attack A jab, followed by many rapid jabs, finished with a gut punch. Thief can be executed after by pressing Y a fourth time. 58
Forward + Y Forward Weak Attack Croagunk throws a rock. Y can be held to throw the rock higher and farther. Randomly, a bomb may be thrown instead 20 (rock), 100 (bomb)
Backward + Y, Y Backward Weak Attack Croagunk slams its arms down on the opponent, and then shoves mud upwards into the target's face. By pressing X instead of Y a second time, it can be followed-up with a variant of Strong Attack where Croagunk projects a large version of itself while pushing the opponent. 56
Up + Y High Stance Weak Attack Fires a line of sound waves upwards at an angle 40
Down + Y Low Stance Weak Attack Croagunk swipes its hand while moving forward in its Low Stance pose. 20
Y (Midair) Midair Weak Attack An aerial, downwards version of High Stance Weak Attack. Can be linked into Gunk Shot by pressing Y again. 35
Up + Y (Midair) Midair Up Weak Attack Croagunk performs a breast stroke upwards, "swimming" through the air. Can be done diagonally in the direction input. 27
Down + Y (Midair) Midair Down Weak Attack Similar to the Midair Up Weak Attack, but downwards. Creates a shockwave around Croagunk when its head hits the ground. 30, 70 (ground impact)
X Strong Attack A simple tackle. Can be followed up with Poison Jab with another X press. 60
Forward + X Forward Strong Attack Croagunk lunges, with its rear forward. Bounces off the opponent if it hits. 40
Backward + X Backward Strong Attack Croagunk casually walks forward, and chuckles to itself before throwing a powerful sucker punch. Has counter piercing properties. Can pierce shields if Croagunk has two positive status effects. This move has massive windup time, possibly the highest out of any move in the game. Can be cancelled by shielding. 200
Up + X High Stance Strong Attack Croagunk leaps forward and swings its arm downward. 60
Down + X Low Stance Strong Attack In its Low Stance pose, it drags itself along the ground, headbutting the target. 60
Up + X (Midair) Midair Up Strong Attack Croagunk leaps up, disappearing into a poisonous cloud. Then, another cloud reappears ahead, with Croagunk slamming down to the ground in a relaxed pose. Sends the opponent high into the air. Inputting forward or back will change where Croagunk lands. 80
Y + B Grab Attack In Field Phase, Croagunk punches the opponent, spins around, and fires two Venoshock blasts from both its fingers.

In Duel Phase, Croagunk tosses the enemy into the air and hits it with a Venoshock and then giggles to itself. The attack deals additional damage for each positive status on Croagunk.

80 (Field Phase)

90-150 (Duel Phase)

X + A Counter Attack A leaping, upwards punch. Can be charged. 60, 90 when fully charged.
R (Midair) Midair Float Croagunk inflates its cheeks to float. Can be cancelled by pressing R again or inputting an attack.
Direction + X (Hold, midair, into outer wall of arena) Wall Cling Croagunk holds onto the wall, slowly sliding down until it falls off. Croagunk receives speed buffs while clinging, with the duration of the buff increasing the longer he holds on (applies up to three times).

Croagunk can perform any aerial move out of wall cling.

X (Charge and then release) Charge Strong Attack A jumping uppercut. Will become enhanced if Croagunk has negative status effects, dealing additional damage and adding counter attack properties. 80-164 (field phase)

70-188 (duel phase)

A, A, A Poison Sting Croagunk fires three volleys of poison barbs that travel across the screen in a straight line. In field phase, left or right can be input to have Croagunk dash quickly before firing.

Can be charged to fire five spikes in a wide arc in field phase. In duel phase, the charged version deals additional damage.

The first hit does not apply hit stun, except when charged.

20 per hit, 40 (charged, duel phase)
Forward + A Poison Jab Croagunk leaps forward with its poison-steeped hand thrusted forward. The attack resists hit stun.

Has a random chance to lower or raise the opponent's Attack and Defense, and/or grant HP recovery or reduce HP recovery.

Backward + A Thief Croagunk performs a sliding dive toward the opponent, knocking them into the air and stealing a small amount of synergy.

If the opponent has positive status effects, Croagunk will steal them and the attack will deal additional damage for each positive status taken.

A (Charge and then release) Accupressure Croagunk jabs himself in the torso with both arms, celebrating or pouting based on the gained effect.

One of four effects are possible: speed buff, attack and speed buff, speed debuff, attack and speed debuff.

A (Midair) Gunk Shot Croagunk throws a variety of possible projectiles, with different effects. Can hold forward or backward to change the projectile's trajectory. In order of quality:

-Misfires, placing a bomb in front of itself and taking damage from the explosion.

-Throws a small rock that breaks on contact.

-Throws a bomb onto the ground.

-Throws a ball of green sludge that pools on the ground, which debuffs the opponent if stepped in.

-Throws a ball of sand that becomes a tornado and chases the foe.

-Throws a massive rock with chunks of metal in it, qhich rolls into the foe for a while.

Up + A Foul Play Croagunk leaps into the air, and falls over onto its back when landing if the opponent does not attack. If an attack does hit Croagunk while jumping, it will absorb the damage and counterattack with Gunk Shot's misfire explosion, dealing damage dependent on the move Croagunk was hit with (Croagunk is not damaged by this explosion). Varies based on countered move
Down + A Venoshock Croagunk performs a flip in the air, then fires a beam from his hand. Croagunk creates an illusory copy of himself for each negative status on the opponent that increases damage.

The attack pierces counters while enhanced by copies. The move always triggers a phase shift when fully enhanced with two copies.

L + R (During Synergy Burst) Alter Ego Army Croagunk leaps into the air, putting its hands together, which it drives into the opponent in a drill-like fashion. It jumps back, and stomps, creating dozens of illusory clones. It then leaps up with the clones, with them all landing in a pile onto the target. Finally, Croagunk launches a Poison Sting, causing the pile of clones to explode. Croagunk then salutes. 198
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Trivia Edit

  • Croagunk is the only Pokémon in the game to appear as both a Support Pokémon and a Battle Pokémon. It is also one of only three Battle Pokémon that are not fully evolved, along with Pikachu and Braixen, and is the only one that is not part of a Starter Pokémon evolutionary line.
  • The way Croagunk performs Poison Jab appears heavily inspired by Brock's Croagunk that first appeared in the Diamond and Pearl anime series.
  • Midair Up Weak Attack is erroneously named "Midair Up Strong Attack" in the game's Action Dojo tutorial, which is the name of another move in Croagunk's arsenal.
  • Grab Attack's description erroneously states that it "Powers up further the more positive statuses the opponent has (Duel Phase)", when it's actually based on the number of positive statuses Croagunk has.

Croagunk's Backward Strong Attack is actually a reference to Miguel's one-shot punch in Tekken, being animated in the same fashion and dealing a lot of damage.

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