For the stage with a similar name, see Dark Colosseum (Final).
Dark Colosseum
Dimensions 20m by 20m
Spawn Distance 11m
Availability Unlockable

Dark Colosseum is one of the stages in Pokkén Tournament.


Dark Colosseum is a large stage, having the maximum diameter along both axes. Aside from this, however, it is fairly balanced in shape, being circular and having a spawn distance roughly half of that of the stage's diameter.

The only time the stage spawns synergy is during Phase Shifts to Field Phase. However, when this does occur, an Extra Large Synergy Gauge Boost will appear, granting the player who touches it a constant, large increase in their Synergy.

Synergy Gauge SpawnsEdit


Spawn LocationSpawns per field phaseAmount of SynergyInterval length
Center stage11 Extra Large0s


A mysterious subspace rift created by Shadow Mewtwo's power. It is a cold, inorganic place with Shadow Synergy Stone shards visible in the background.


Dark Colosseum
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