Classification Arrow Quill Pokémon
Type Grass/Ghost
Implied Gender Male
Style Standard
HP 570
Synergy Gauge Size 150CC
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Unlockability Starter
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Decidueye is a Grass/Ghost Type Pokémon. It is the evolution of Dartrix, and the final form of Rowlet. It is classified as the Arrow Quill Pokémon. It is a playable Pokémon exclusive to Pokkén Tournament DX. It was revealed in a Pokémon livestream held on June 6, 2017, which also revealed Pokkén Tournament DX.

In Pokkén Tournament DX Edit

Decidueye, being a Standard Type fighter, is very balanced and does well in both Field and Duel Phase. He has a variety of good projectiles as well as a great potential for aerial combos. Soaring Stance is a key component to playing Decidueye well, and utilizing all his tools to keep opponents off guard in this state is very important.

Special Characteristics Edit

Spirit Shackle Edit

Acrobatics Edit

Decidueye grabs the opponent, while in Soaring Stance, throws them in the air and attacks with a barrage of arrows.

Soaring Stance Edit


Synergy Burst Edit

Aesthetics Edit

Character-Specific Burst Mode Effects Edit

Burst Attack - Shining Feather Edit

Deducideye's Burst Attack, Shining Feather is initiated by Deducideye flying backward before projecting a gust


of leaves forward from itself. Because Decidueye flies into the air before performing the initiation, the Burst Attack can be activated in mid-air just as with Charizard's Searing Blaze. Furthermore, the initiation possesses tremendous range, often reaching across the majority of the space available in Duel Phase. As the move has Normal Attack properties, it lands a Critical Hit when successfully initiated during an opponent's Grab. Like all Burst Attacks, Shining Feather counts as "Fully-Charged", and will thus Pierce Counter Attacks.

Move List Edit

Input Name Description Damage
Y (Field Phase) Ranged Attack Throws a sharp leaf at the opponent. Spirit Shackle can be performed as a follow-up with an additonal press of the Y Button. 20
Side + Y (Field Phase) Side Ranged Attack Decidueye dashes to the side and fires three arrows forward. Can be followed-up with Y. 54
Forward + Y (Field Phase) Forward Ranged Attack Decidueye flies forward, with green energy in front of it. Hits multiple times. 60
Backward + Y (Field Phase) Backward Ranged Attack Decidueye swings its arm, creating a tornado of leaves. Its hitbox reaches high, making this a good anti-air attack. 60
Y (Midair, Field Phase) Jumping Ranged Attack Decidueye flaps its wings, launching many razor sharp feathers down in front of it. 40
X, X (Field Phase) Homing Attack Decidueye rushes forward, and hits three times with its wings. Can be charged to pierce shields. If R is pressed after the first X press, Decidueye will enter its Soaring Stance. 89, 90 if fully charged
X (Midair) Jumping Attack A diving kick. 40, 60 in Field Phase
Y, Y, Y Weak Attack Decidueye hits the opponent with its wing, spins an arrow into them, and fires it. If Y is pressed a fourth time, Fury Attack can be performed, followed by Leaf Blade if pressed a sixth time. If R is pressed after the first Y press, Soaring Stance will be achieved. 72
Backward + Y Backward Weak Attack Similar to Backward Ranged Attack, but the tornado is much shorter, no longer making it an anti-air attack. 54
Up + Y High Stance Weak Attack Decidueye swings its wing upwards and hits the opponent with a spinning jump. If R is pressed afterwards, Soaring Stance will be entered, making this an easy combo starter. 60
Down + Y, Y Low Stance Weak Attack A sweeping kick followed up by an upward wing swipe. Frenzy Plant can be performed with an additonal press of Y, and Soaring Stance can be performed if R is hit instead. 30
Y (Midair) Midair Weak Attack Decidueye spins around, hitting with its wings. If R is pressed after, it will enter Soaring Stance. 38
X, X Strong Attack Two powerful back kicks. If R is pressed afterwards, Soaring Stance will be achieved. Alternatively, this can be done with a third X press, and followed up with a fourth X press. 70
Forward + X, X, X Forward Strong Attack Deciduye delivers three strong kicks as it hops forward with each one. Because of this, the full three hits cover a large area of the Duel Phase screen. 124
Backward + X Backward Strong Attack An open-hand strike with noticeable windup. Can be charged with X. 60, 80 if fully charged
Up + X High Stance Strong Attack Decidueye hops back and shoots an arrow that curves upwards. This is a good anti-air tool, and if X is held, the arrow will curve more sharply and move more quickly to hit airborne opponents who are closer to Decidueye. 40
Down + X, X Low Strong Attack A sweeping kick followed up with a reverse roundhouse kick with high knockback. 104
Grab Attack Y + B In Duel Phase, Decidueye kicks off of its opponent, fires three Spirit Shackle arrows around the enemy, and finishes the assault with a dive kick. Like Spirit Shackle itself, it leaves the target unable to call Support. In Field Phase, Decidueye pushes its opponent and spins, hitting the opponent with its wings. 90 in Duel Phase, 60 in Field Phase.
Counter Attack X + A Decidueye slices the enemy with its wing. Can be charged if held. 70, 82 if fully charged
Y (Charge and release) Charge Weak Attack Fires many fast-moving arrows. In addition to being very fast, they travel very far and will always trigger a Phase Shift. 80
X (Charge and release) Charge Strong Attack Decidueye yells at the opponent, creating a purple wave. Increases time that negative status conditions affect the opponent. This costs 1/6th of Decidueye's Synergy Gauge, however.
Direction + R (Midair) Aerial Step, Dash Step, Evade Decidueye quickly twirls forward through the air and goes into Soaring Stance. This can be done if Soaring Stance is performed first and Decidueye will keep leaping forward instead. This variant of the technique covers a lot of ground quickly in Duel Phase and has great potential for approaching for a combo. If the direction pressed was backward, Decidueye will move backward and become intangible.
A Spirit Shackle A ghostly vortex surrounds Decidueye and it then channels this energy into an arrow which it fires. If it hits, it causes a unique negative status condition on the opponent, which prevents them from summoning a Support Pokémon. Can be charged with A, which will fire three arrows that travel about half the distance, but will also become embedded in the ground, damaging opponents who touch them, and causing them to lose the ability to call Support. An excellent projectile. 40, 60 if fully charged, touching grounded arrows will deal 30 damage
Forward + A Fury Attack Decidueye hits the opponent with a rapid flurry of arm thrusts. 50
A (After Fury Attack) Razor Leaf Decidueye spins, creating many tornadoes of leaves. If A is pressed again, Acrobatics can be performed. 30
Y or X (After Fury Attack) Leaf Blade Decidueye creates two green blades of energy and swings them down. In Synergy Burst, it can be followed up with another Y or X press where Decidueye will fire many arrows up at the opponent. 40
Backward + A Frenzy Plant Summons large roots from the ground. Has Counter properties and long ending lag. 90
A (Charge and then release) Feather Dance Creates a small tornado of feathers that moves forward. Does minor damage and no knockback, but decreases the opponent's Attack. 10
A (Midair) Sucker Punch Decidueye disappears and throws a punch when it reappears on the ground. It has Counter properties, that allow Decidueye to, when hit, deliver a second devastating blow where it blows the opponent back with a wave of ghostly energy. 40, 158 with second hit
Up + A Smack Down Deciduye fires an arrow up, hitting an offscreen Magnemite that falls down. A great anti-air attack that requires precise spacing. Randomly, the Magnemite may be holding a camera and do more damage. 40, 60 if Magnemite is holding camera
R (Midair) Soaring Stance Decidueye opens its wings and glides in place. Many moves can be followed-up with activating this stance by pressing R. Because of this, and the great moves Decidueye can perform out of this stance, mastering this technique is key to Decidueye's aerial combo potential.
Y, Y (During Soaring Stance) Soaring Stance ~ Weak Follow-up Attack Decidueye swipes down with its wing, and does a backflip kick. In Field Phase, both of these hits create projectiles of green energy. 70, 36 in Field Phase
X (During Soaring Stance) Soaring Stance ~ Strong Follow-up Attack A quick and powerful divebomb. Can hit multiple times. Great for ending combos. 100
A (During Soaring Stance) Acrobatics A command grab where Decidueye grabs the opponent with its talons, and flips upside down as it hurls the opponent into the air behind it. It then fires many arrows at them. If A is held, Decidueye will simply throw the opponent forwards instead. Both are useful for controlling the positioning of itself and its opponent strategically. 117, 54 if thrown forward
L + R (During Synergy Burst) Shining Feather Decidueye throws a whirlwind of leaves at the opponent to activate this move. If landed, the whirlwind becomes a hurricane of leaves, as Decidueye summons a volley of arrows from either side of itself that hit the opponent. Finally, it takes aim and fires a large, glowing arrow that explodes. 201
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