After the initial phase of the battle, the game shifts into Duel Phase. During this phase, fighters are restrained to a two-dimensional space, similar to the play style of other fighting games such as Tekken. To accommodate with the reduced moving space, fighters have access to more moves during this phase.

The goal of Duel Phase is to damage the opponent as much as possible by using a variety of moves initially not available to Field Phase. While this phase allows the fighters to perform stronger attacks and combos, it is generally much riskier than the former phase. A fighter who shifts the game back Field Phase is rewarded with an increase in their Support Gauge.

Stances Edit

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Because of the two-dimensional environment, fighters can only move forwards or backwards. The up and down directional buttons changes the Pokémon's stance instead, a mechanic exclusive to Duel Phase. Different Pokémon have different abilities in either stance. Generally, standard moves performed in high stance anti-air opponents or evade low attacks, while low stance attacks evade high stance attacks.

Weak Attacks Edit

Weak Attacks are performed with the Y button. These attacks do not deal much damage, but they are quick and have a fast recovery time, allowing the fighter to react faster. Some properties of Weak Attacks that are shared with all fighters include:

  • Anti-airs: A Pokémon performing a High Stance Weak Attack possesses head invulnerability, meaning it is immune from getting hit by a Mid-air Attack, allowing it to hit a fighter from above.
  • Grab-crushing: Low Stance Weak Attacks can safely crush a Grab Attack without being staggered.
  • Poké Combos: A fighter can perform a simple combo by simply pressing the Y button again and again. Some Pokémon have longer Poké Combos while others can link them up with a Pokémon move.

Strong Attacks Edit

Strong Attacks are activated with the X button. These moves can deal heavier damage, but they tend to leave the attacker vulnerable if it does not successfully hit the opponent. Some properties of Strong Attacks include:

  • Grab-crushing: A High Stance Strong Attack can be used to crush through a Grab Attack without fear of being staggered.

Phase Shift Points Edit

A mechanic hidden to the player is the Phase Shift Point system. Each fighter is internally assigned with an integer, initially at zero, that causes a Phase Shift once it reaches 12. Every move that hits a fighter increases their Phase Shift Point by a certain amount. Managing Phase Shift Points is important for optimizing combos, as the latter can be cut short by a Phase Shift.