Classification Emperor Pokémon
Type Water/Steel
Implied Gender Male
Style Standard
HP 630
Synergy Gauge Size 150CC
Stance Effects High: Charges Support Gauge.

Low: Avoids High Attacks.

Unlockability Starter
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Empoleon is Water/Steel Type Pokémon, known as the Emperor Pokémon. It evolves from Prinplup and is the final evolution of Piplup. It is a playable character introduced in the arcade version of Pokken Tournament and was later included in Pokkén Tournament DX. It was revealed on the game's Japanese website on December 1st, 2016.

In Pokkén Tournament Edit

Empoleon is a Standard Battle Pokemon with high HP and damage output, but fairly poor movement speed under normal circumstances. However, this is mitigated by its attacks, several of which move it a great distance forward or allow for mobility in the form of skating.

As a Water-type Pokemon that thrives in glacial environments, Empoleon is able to produce ice with several of its moves, including Ice Beam. Doing so enables it to rapidly close the distance between itself and its opponent by sliding on the ice. Additionally, it can enter a Slide stance that increases its base movement speed greatly. This Stance can even be maintained between Phase Shifts. Many of Empoleon's attacks deal high damage and heavily pressure the opponent's defenses, and with its large HP pool it is able to endure attacks from its opponent as it attempts to close in.

Despite its versatility and the merits of its movepool, Empoleon can still have trouble against opponents with high movement speed as well as those with superior projectile options. Because it relies heavily on using its moves to increase its speed, more offensively-inclined opponents can disrupt its ability to move quickly with attacks of their own.

Overall, Empoleon possesses excellent HP and offensive prowess, as well as options to mitigate its low speed, but must be wary of its attack timing to ensure opponents cannot disrupt its offensive front.

Special Characteristics Edit

Specialized Stance: Slide Edit

A stance unique to Empoleon in which it skates along a path of ice. There are several attacks that it can do in this state, with two of them being exclusive to this stance. In addition, Empoleon's jump is changed, allowing it to travel much farther horizontally. Overall, this is one of Empoleon's most useful techniques for movement.

Cut, Waterfall, Rock Smash, and Surf Edit

These Pokémon moves can be performed in a variety of ways, all requiring a previous move to be executed beforehand. Aqua Jet can be performed similarly, but it has its own dedicated input separate from other moves, and Aqua Jet itself is one of the moves that the aforementioned Pokémon moves can be executed out of. Due to the chained nature of these attacks, they are all essential tools for combos. Also because of their shared input requirements, they are excellent mix-ups, allowing for multiple possibilities out of several moves.

Synergy Burst Edit

Aesthetics Edit

Empoleon burst

Empoleon's Synergy Burst Victory pose.

In Synergy Burst, Empoleon is surrounded by water that flows all over its body and emanates into the air. Like all Synergy Bursts, rainbow colored glowing effects are added to many of its moves. It gains a unique Victory animation where Empoleon summons a wave and a whirlpool around it. It then freezes a pathway in front of itself with a swipe of its flipper, which it jumps over and lands on, striking an intimidating pose.

Character-Specific Burst Mode Effects Edit

In Synergy Burst, Empoleon’s Aqua Jet always hits at the max level damage regardless of how much distance it has traveled. As such, players do not need to worry about the spacing when using Aqua Jet.

Burst Attack - Deep Blue Monarch Edit

Deep Blue Monarch possesses the distinction of being one of only three Grab Burst Attacks in the game, along with those of Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Gengar. As such, it cannot be blocked and lands Critical Hits on opposing Counter Attacks. However, it also suffers from the weaknesses of a Grab Attack - namely that its range is rather short and it fails against airborne opponents.

Move List Edit

Standard Moves Edit

Input Name Description Damage
Y (Field Phase) Ranged Attack Launches a ball of water. Can be followed up with Aqua Jet with another Y Press. 30
Side + Y (Field Phase) Side Ranged Attack Empoleon slides on its side, creating three waves of water. These waves will do more damage from farther distances. Can be followed up with Forward Ranged Attack with another Y press. 10-20
Forward + Y (Field Phase) Forward Ranged Attack Fires a projectile of water shaped like Empoleon's crest. 40
Backward + Y (Field Phase) Backward Ranged Attack Empoleon spins as it swings a ring of wind up into the air at an angle with its flipper. Its wings do damage at close range. 60 (Wings), 36 (Projectile)
Y (Midair, Field Phase) Jumping Ranged Attack Empoleon spins as it launches three balls of water that briefly create upward jets of water when they hit the ground. Can hit up close as Empoleon spins. 54 (Projectile), 63 (Wings)
X, X, X (Field Phase) Homing Attack Empoleon skates ahead at the opponent, and hits them with its crown and then three times with its bladed wings. Third press can be held to charge for piercing shields. 96, 60 if fully charged
Backward + X (Field Phase) Backward Attack Empoleon spins on its belly, freezing the ground around it. Slide can be performed if X is held. 70
X (Midair) Jumping Attack/ Midair Strong Attack Empoleon slams its wing into the ground, freezing it. Can Slide afterwards by holding X. 100 (Field Phase), 70 (Duel Phase)
Y, Y Weak Attack Two horizontal wing slashes. Aqua Jet followed by Cut can be performed afterwards with more Y presses. 60
Forward + Y, Y Forward Weak Attack Empoleon swings its flippers inwards and then outwards. Can be followed up with Aqua Jet and Cut with more presses of the Y button. 104
Up + Y High Stance Weak Attack Similar to the Backwards Ranged Attack. 60 (Wings), 36 (Projectile)
Down + Y Low Stance Weak Attack A low swipe of Empoleon's wing. Aqua Jet and Cut will be performed with more Y presses. 30
Y (Midair) Midair Weak Attack Similar to the Jumping Ranged Attack, but all three water balls follow the same trajectory. 54 (Wimgs), 54 (Projectiles)
X Strong Attack A downwards slash. Hits twice. 70
Backward + X Backward Strong Attack Empoleon winds up and swings both flippers outwards. Sends opponents straight upwards. 60
Up + X High Stance Strong Attack Empoleon does a front flip and swings its flipper down as it lands. Its legs also do damage as it flips. 80
Down + X Low Stance Strong Attack Similar to its Field Phase Backward Attack, but it moves forward. Slide can be performed by holding X. 70
Y + B Grab Attack In Duel Phase, Empoleon throws the opponent above it and creates a construct made of water above its head, shaped like its crown. Then, launches a jet of water upwards. In Field Phase, Empoleon shoots an Ice Beam forward, and slides through the opponent while they're stunned. 90 (Duel Phase), 60 (Field Phase)
X + A Counter Attack A sideways swipe. Can be charged if held. 60, 90 if fully charged
L + R (During Synergy Burst) Deep Blue Monarch Empoleon creates a whirlpool that expands around itself, which functions as a command grab. It then sucks the opponent into it, submerging them underwater. Empoleon then blitzes the enemy many times before launching a large pillar of water at the opponent. 220

Pokémon Moves Edit

Input Name Description Damage
A Aqua Jet Empoleon launches itself forward while surrounding itself with water. If hit near the end of this move, it will see a massive increase in damage. Many Pokémon moves can be performed with various buttons during this move. 50-90
Forward + A Ice Beam Launches a beam of ice near the ground, freezing it. A can be held to go into Slide stance. 80
Backward + A Defog Generates a cloud of fog, which Empoleon slices through. Various other Pokémon moves can be performed out of this. Also neutralizes opponent’s ranged attacks. 80
A (Midair) Steel Wing The blades of Empoleon's wings glow as it swings them in a circle around itself. Hitbox takes up a large portion of the screen in Duel Phase. 90
Up + A Drill Peck Empoleon jumps while spinning, with its beak held upwards as yellow energy spirals around it. Many Pokémon moves can be activated after this move. 81
Y (During Aqua Jet/Defog/Drill Peck) Cut A jumping upwards slash. Effective in combos. 60
X (During Aqua Jet/Defog/Drill Peck) Waterfall Much like Aqua Jet, but with an upwards trajectory. 72
A (During Aqua Jet/Defog/Drill Peck) Rock Smash Empoleon stomps, shooting a boulder out of the ground in front of it. Then, it smashes the boulder. The shards of rock deal minor damage as they fly outwards. Lowers Defense. 70
B (During Aqua Jet/Defog/Drill Peck) Surf Empoleon creates a wave underneath itself and rides atop it as it moves forward. Hits multiple times. 120
Hold A (During Ice Beam and other actions) Slide Empoleon slides across a sheet of ice. Several unique actions can be taken in this Stance, and allows Empoleon to move far faster than his normal movement speed. In Field Phase, can perform a variant of Empoleon's Ranged Attack with Y while sliding, and in Duel Phase, Weak Attack and Strong Attack can be accomplished with their original inputs while sliding as well.
X (During Slide, Field Phase) Slide ~ Attack Empoleon slides on its belly at the opponent, knocking them straight upwards into the air. 40
B (During Slide) Slide ~ Jump A spinning jump that covers great distance thanks to the momentum of Slide.
A (During Slide) Hydro Cannon: Rush Empoleon turns around while sliding and fires a massive blast of water, propelling it forward. While primarily meant to hit with Empoleon's body, the water itself can do damage if the opponent finds themself in the path of it. 160
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Trivia Edit

  • Empoleon knows a variety of moves that at one point have been HM Moves in the main series Pokémon games, such as Cut, Waterfall, Rock Smash, Surf, and Defog.
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