All matches in Pokkén Tournament begin in Field Phase. During this phase, fighters are free to move in three dimensions (forwards and backwards, sideways, and jump).

The fighters' goal in Field Phase is to safely whittle down their opponent's HP and evade attacks, due to the limited possible moves that can be performed in this phase are mediocre in damage output, and greater range of movement. Noticeably, it is much easier to shift to Duel Phase than the other way around.

Ranged Attacks Edit

In this phase, fighters can use Ranged Attacks by pressing the Y button. Because of the diversity of moves between each Pokémon, each type of Ranged Attack can be roughly identified by the following descriptions.

  • Ranged Attacks without directional inputs are used as poke tools for probing an opponent's behavior.
  • Side Ranged Attacks allow lateral movement to evade some attacks while hitting the opponent.
  • Forward Ranged Attacks deal heavy damage and usually causes a Phase Shift upon hit.
  • Backward Ranged Attacks are diverse and tactics may vary for each Pokémon.

Homing Attack Edit

Homing Attacks are activated by pressing the X button. Fighters using this move immediately run into the opponent and hit them. All fighters can charge the final hit do more damage and cause a Guard Break. Additionally, Homing Attacks can crush grabs without fail.

Due to the unique running animation during the attack, Homing Attacks are much more prone to punishes than Ranged Attacks, and are therefore more suited for punishing opponents instead.