A Grab Attack is a type of attack that bypasses Counter Attacks and blocks, but are weak to Normal Attacks. By default, Grabs can be performed by pressing the Y and B buttons simultaneously. All Pokémon can perform a standard Grab Attack, with each having a unique attack animation for both Field and Duel Phases.

Mechanics Edit

Like Normal Attacks, Grab Attacks are quite direct in their effects. Unless the target is performing a Normal Attack, a fighter can successfully grab an opponent within a close range.

Kara cancelling Edit

Some Pokémon can move slightly forward by performing an attack involving the Y button. If the player quickly inputs the B button, the Pokémon will perform a grab after moving slightly forward. This technique can greatly extend the range of a grab.

Circumventing the Normal Attacks Edit

To stop a Normal Attack, the player must grab their opponent earlier than usual. The opponent will stagger backwards if they were struck by a grab early in their start-up frames, cancelling the attack. This will allow both players to re-orient themselves.

Interestingly, Normal Attacks lose the ability to overcome grabs once they become active. Pokémon with long ranged grabs such as Chandelure and Sceptile can land one from a far even if the opponent's attack becomes active.

It is important to know that all grabs cannot be successfully landed on a Pokémon performing a grab crushing move.

Command Grabs Edit

Like Counter Attacks, some moves also share the properties of a standard Grab Attack. These grabs are called command grabs, and they all have an additional effect, depending on the move.

Three Pokémon have their Synergy Bursts classified as a grab, namely Empoleon, Gengar, and Mewtwo.

Character Move Input Name Additional Effect
Chandelure 2A Hex A disjointed grab that deals more damage if the target has more debuffs.
Charizard 8A Seismic Toss Can hit grounded or airborne opponents.
Darkrai 2A Dream Eater Absorbs some of the opponent's HP and increases Synergy Gauge.
Decidueye midair R ~ A Acrobatics Powers up if Synergy Gauge isn't full. Causes a Synergy Burst Enhanced status on self. Can grab airborne opponents.
midair R ~ hold A Acrobatics: Forward Throw Can grab airborne opponents. Throws the opponent forward.
Garchomp 2A Sand Tomb Plays an extra cutscene if it causes a Critical Hit. The charged version can grab airborne opponents.
Gengar f.A or 6A Hypnosis Leaves the opponent stunned for a short time.
Machamp f.A or 6A Submission Homes to the opponent. Gains counter properties when enhanced.
Mewtwo b.4A ~ Y Telekinesis Tosses the opponent in the air, allowing combos to be performed.
Pikachu f.A or 6A Nuzzle Has slightly longer range. Evades low-positioned attacks.
Pikachu Libre b.4A Electroweb Can catch grounded and aerial opponents. Inflicts a speed debuff on them as well.
Sceptile 8A Giga Drain Disjointed grab that absorbs some of the foe's HP and Synergy Gauge.
2A Leaf Storm Catches airborne opponents then slows down the user.
Scizor 2A ~ Y + B Bug Bite Absorbs the opponent's HP and increases Synergy Gauge. Steals status effects from opponent. It can also grab airborne opponents.

Trivia Edit

  • The animation of the small green vortex that appears during a grab is not the same for everyone.
    • Gardevoir's vortex appears to have a ring-like outline, coupled with small spheres that move around its circumference.
  • Most 2Y (Low Stance Weak Attack) and all 8X (High Stance Strong Attack) moves are listed to be effective against Grab Attacks.
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