A grab attack or grab is a move that bypasses counter attacks and blocks. By default, it is performed by simultaneously pressing the Y and B buttons on most controllers or the A and B buttons on the Wii Remote with the Nunchuk. Grabs are indicated by a green glow around the user.

When a grab hits, a short cinematic attack animation plays before a Phase Shift. Despite what some attack animations may suggest, multiple hits that succeed the initial grab animation is still counted as a single attack.

All Pokémon are capable of performing a short-ranged standard grab attack, providing a way to hit opponents who are blocking.

Properties Edit

Grabs have generally fast startup, hitting the opponent within a few number of frames. Attempting to block a grab results to the defender being hit anyway as grabs are unblockable. If the grab misses its target, the user suffers a considerable amount of end lag. Additionally, it also does increased damage to an opponent performing a counter attack. Successfully grabbing an opponent at any time during the counter attack process will score a critical hit and increase the user's Synergy Gauge by a small amount.

On the other hand, grabbing an opponent performing a normal attack will make the grab fail and net the opponent a critical hit. The outcome however is dependent on the timing of the grab - if it hits early during a normal attack's startup frames, both players will be staggered. An exception to this are grab crushes, moves that will always beat a grab attack.

A standard grab attack can only be done while on the ground and on grounded opponents. A knocked down Pokémon cannot be grabbed until its invincibility frames wear off. As such, a common strategy involves grabbing the opponent just before they wake up. However, more experienced players may be aware of this and use a normal attack instead.

Command Grabs Edit

Command grabs are Pokémon moves that have grab-like properties. These moves have added effects and exclusive to a certain Pokémon. Burst attacks that are classified as grabs behave slightly differently as they can only be dodged with proper spacing or being airborne.

Character Move Input Name Additional Effect
Chandelure 2A Hex A disjointed grab that deals more damage if the target has more debuffs.
Charizard 8A Seismic Toss Can hit grounded or airborne opponents.
Darkrai 2A Dream Eater Absorbs some of the opponent's HP and increases Synergy Gauge.
Decidueye midair R ~ A Acrobatics Powers up if Synergy Gauge isn't full. Causes a Synergy Burst Enhanced status on self. Can grab airborne opponents.
midair R ~ hold A Acrobatics: Forward Throw Can grab airborne opponents. Throws the opponent forward.
Garchomp 2A Sand Tomb Plays an extra cutscene if it causes a Critical Hit. The charged version can grab airborne opponents.
Gengar f.A or 6A Hypnosis Leaves the opponent stunned for a short time.
Machamp f.A or 6A Submission Homes to the opponent. Gains counter properties when enhanced.
Mewtwo b.4A ~ Y Telekinesis Tosses the opponent in the air, allowing combos to be performed.
Pikachu f.A or 6A Nuzzle Has slightly longer range. Evades low-positioned attacks.
Pikachu Libre b.4A Electroweb Can catch grounded and aerial opponents. Inflicts a speed debuff on them as well.
Sceptile 8A Giga Drain Disjointed grab that absorbs some of the foe's HP and Synergy Gauge.
2A Leaf Storm Catches airborne opponents then slows down the user.
Scizor 2A ~ Y + B Bug Bite Absorbs the opponent's HP and increases Synergy Gauge. Steals status effects from opponent. It can also grab airborne opponents.

Trivia Edit

  • Most grabs come out on the 11th frame while others are slightly slower, coming out on the 15th frame.
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