Croagunk shot boulder

Croagunk performing Gunk Shot.

Gunk Shot is Croagunk's aerial Pokémon move (executed by pressing A midair), and perhaps one of the most prominent part of Croagunk's random nature as a fighter. The move involves throwing many possible objects at random, which include:

  • A rock. (20 damage)
  • A ball of sludge, which creates a pool of poison on the ground. (48 damage, lowers enemy Defense)
  • A cloud of dust, which then becomes a tornado that homes in on the opponent. (100 damage)
  • A bomb, which sits in the ground on a timer before exploding. The explosion can damage Croagunk as well. (20 damage for the bomb throw, 100 damage for the explosion)
  • A misfire, which creates a purple explosion that hurts Croagunk, and possibly the opponent if they are close enough. (120 damage)
  • A large concrete ball with metal I-beams stuck in it, which rolls ahead, causing massive damage with multiple hits. (Up to 183 damage)

Trivia Edit

  • Croagunk has various reactions based on what projectile he ended up getting. He shows disappointment when he gets a rock, terror before a misfire occurs, excitement when a dust cloud appears, and joyous laughter when he throws the concrete ball.