Pt machamp
Classification Superpower Pokémon
Type Fighting
Implied Gender Male
Style Power
HP 660
Synergy Gauge Size 200CC
Stance Effects High: Red Armor

Low: Counter Armor against Low (and some Mid) Attacks.

Unlockability Starter
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Machamp is a Pokémon in Pokkén Tournament. It is a Fighting-type classified as a Superpower Pokémon. It evolves from Machoke and is the final form of Machop. Machamp was introduced to Pokkén Tournament upon it's initial release in Japan on arcade.

In Pokkén TournamentEdit

Machamp is classified as a power fighter. It also has 660 HP, tying it with Garchomp for the most HP. It also has very high damage output (thanks in part to Bulk Up). It has no ranged attacks in Duel Phase, with few in Field Phase, giving a disadvantage to fighters with a slew of ranged attacks. However, it can cancel ranged attacks with certain moves.

Special Characteristics Edit

Bulk Up Edit

A move that gives Machamp a unique powered-up state that allows it to enhance the next Pokémon Move it performs by making it more powerful, and/or enlarging the hitbox. In addition to this, it can only perform Cross Chop while in this state.

Midair Grab Attack Edit

Machamp is the only character in the game to be able to perform their Grab Attack midair. Unlike normal Grab Attacks, Midair Grab Attack does not change depending on which Phase it is performed in.

Synergy Burst Edit

Aesthetics Edit

Machamp turns red, with steam coming from his hands and mouth

Character-Specific Burst Mode Effects Edit

While in burst mode, Machamp is always treated as having Bulk-Up active, so is able to use Cross Chop etc.

Burst Attack - Dynamic Fury Edit

Machamp smashes the floor causing rocks to throw the opponent into the air. It then hits the opponent with a flurry of 1000 punches in quick succession.

Move ListEdit


Name Notes Damage
Y (Field Phase) Ranged Attack Machamp punches, sending a fist shaped projectile forward, travelling a short distance. Links up with Forward Ranged Attack by pressing Y again. 30
Side + Y (Field Phase) Side Ranged Attack Similar to Ranged Attack, except Machamp moves to the side while firing three fist projectiles. Links up with Forward Ranged Attack by pressing Y again. 60 (20 for each projectile)
Forward + Y (Field Phase) Forward Ranged Attack Machamp crosses all its hands in front of it, and then chops outward. Functions as a Counter, and shifts the phase while staggering the opponent if it hits. 60
Backward + Y (Field Phase) Backward Ranged Attack A boulder suddenly appears in Machamp's hands and it throws it ahead. Hits multiple times, and travels a very short distance. Launches opponents. 50
Y (Midair, Field Phase) Jumping Ranged Attack Machamp winds up and then thrusts its arms forward, creating a large pair of fist projectiles that slowly travel ahead for a long distance. Launches opponents high. 120
X, X (Field Phase) Homing Attack Machamp runs up and punches the target with its right arms, and then throws an overhead punch with its left arms. Can be charged to pierce shields. 120
X (Midair, Field Phase) Jumping Attack Machamp somersaults in the air, homing in on the opponent. Once it travels a set distance or reaches the target, it falls, slamming its bottom pair of arms down. 80
Y, Y Weak Attack A haymaker followed by an uppercut. Links up with Karate Chop with an additional press of Y. 94
Forward + Y, Y, Y Forward Weak Attack A jab, haymaker, and then an uppercut. If X is pressed instead of Y after the second hit, Forward Ranged Attack will be executed after the third hit. Launches opponents. 60
Up + Y High Stance Weak Attack Machamp pushes its chest outward, hitting the opponent. Can be followed-up with Close Combat by hitting Y again. 60
Down + Y Low Stance Weak Attack With its right arms, Machamp punches downward and upward simultaneously. 40 (downward punch), 36 (upward punch)
Y (Midair) Midair Weak Attack A series of rapid midair punches. 72
X, X Strong Attack A downward hammerfist strike, followed by a jab. The second hit can be charged. Launches opponents low. 160
Forward + X Forward Strong Attack Machamp rushes forward and tackles. Can be charged. Knocks down opponent. 60, 100 (when fully charged)
Backward + X Backward Strong Attack Machamp winds up before delivering an elbow. Functions as a Counter and can be followed-up with Y or X for unique attacks. Y will have Machamp throw two wide punches that puts the enemy in a dizzy state, and X will have Machamp throw its arms upward, launching the target. 40, 64 (with Weak follow-up), 76 (with Strong follow-up)
Up + X High Stance Strong Attack A dropkick that causes an instant Phase Shift by launching the opponent. 150
Down + X, X Low Stance Strong Attack Machamp drops down on its bottom hands, and jabs ahead with its top hands, and then flips the opponent up into the air, launching them. Can be cancelled into a forward roll with R, which can also link into another attack with X. 112
X (Midair) Midair Strong Attack Machamp performs a body press, which has Counter properties. 60
Y + B Grab Attack In Duel Phase, Machamp throws the target up into the air and throws dozens of rapid punches at them. In Field Phase, Machamp knees the opponent and then dropkicks them. 150, (Duel Phase), 100 (Field Phase)
Y + B (Midair) Midair Grab Attack While suspended in the air, Machamp spins around and then hurls the opponent diagonally into the ground. 117
X + A Counter Attack Machamp spins around, hitting with its arms. Can be charged. 80, 100 (when fully charged)
A Bulk Up Machamp flexes, generating orange energy, which covers its body, concentrating greatly on its hands. Machamp's body will also create steam while under this effect. Enhances the next Pokémon move.
A (Charge and then release) Scary Face Machamp thrusts its face forwar, creating a large purple construct of its face. Grants a Speed Decrease status to the target. Functions as a counter. While it does not do damage, it puts the opponent in hitstun like a normal attack. 0
Forward + A


Machamp runs forward, and grabs the opponent. It then swings them around, before hurling them down at full force, bouncing them off the ground. Can be cancelled with R or B. Functions as a Command Grab.

120, 180 (Enhanced)
Back + A Karate Chop

A pair of horizontal karate chops. Cancels some long-range attacks. Puts opponent in dizzy state.

80, 120 (Enhanced)
A (Midair) Wake-Up Slap Machamp claps its hands together, creating a small explosion. When enhanced by Bulk Up, this explosion is larger. 60, 90 (Enhanced)
Up + A (Duel Phase) Heavy Slam Machamp leaps into the air, coating its body in metal, as it slams back down. Trajectory can be modified with the D-Pad. 94, 134 (Enhanced)
Down + A (Duel Phase) Close Combat A flurry of rapid punches, finished with two jabs. Always causes a Phase Shift by launching the enemy. One of the strongest attacks in the game. 180, 230 (Enhanced)
A (While enhanced by Bulk Up) Cross Chop Machamp leaps forward, delivering two inward karate chops. Staggers the opponent. 150 (Duel Phase), 100 (Field Phase)
Burst Attack Dynamic Fury Pierces counters. Deals more damage at close range. 252

Poké Combos Edit

Inputs Name Description Damage
Y, Y, Y Poké Combo 1 Weak Attack followed by Karate Chop. 142, 166 (Enhanced)
Up + Y, Y Poké Combo 2 High Stance Weak Attack followed by Close Combat. 186, 221 (Enhanced)

Version historyEdit


  • Endlag of backward dash increased.
  • Counterattack fixed to hit during middle of move.
  • Damage of aerial grab attack reduced.
  • Speed of homing attack reduced.
  • Forward strong attack changed to deal less damage and not knock opponents into mid-air.
  • Aerial strong attack damage reduced.
  • Karate Chop given more pushback on block and less range.
  • Heavy Slam changed to hit during rise with damage and pushback adjusted.
  • Close Combat made easier to connect with against opponents pushed against a wall.


  • Hitstun on low stance strong attack reduced.


Trivia Edit

  • The number of hits landed by Machamp's Burst Attack (1000) is likely a reference to the fact that its original Pokedex Entry in Pokémon Red and Blue stated it could throw 1000 punches in two seconds.
  • Visually, Machamp's Burst Attack Dynamic Fury appears to be a combination of the moves Close Combat and Dynamic Punch, especially given the name and the explosions that occur after it lands the punches (as Dynamic Punch's original Japanese name was "Exploding Punch"). Dynamic Punch is an extremely common move on Machamp in main series competitive play, due to its ability No Guard allowing the inaccuracy of Dynamic Punch to be bypassed.
  • The way Machamp turns red and begins steaming during its Synergy Burst resembles the appearance Ash's Hawlucha took on briefly during the Kalos League Finals in the Pokémon XY&Z anime. Curiously, said Hawlucha's primary rival during its debut was in fact a Machamp.
  • Backward Strong Attack itself is not covered in the Action Dojo tutorial of the game despite its Weak and Strong Follow-Ups being given their own prompts.
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