A Phase Shift is an event occurs whenever the perspective of the battle in the game changes. The mechanics of battle are slightly altered whenever this event happens. Shifting changes the phase from Field Phase to Duel Phase and vice-versa.

Phase Shift Points Edit

The Phase Shift Point (PSP) system tracks number of hits sustained by a fighter before Phase Shifting. All fighters begin with zero PSP at the start of the game or at Phase Shift. Getting hit by certain moves increases a player's PSP. Once a player's PSP count reaches 12, a Phase Shift occurs and all accumulated PSPs resets back to zero.

Landing a grab will always cause a Phase Shift, regardless of how many PSP either player has accumulated.

Shifting in Field Phase Edit

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All moves executed in Field Phase can either increase the opponent's PSP by increments of zero or 12, meaning only certain moves can cause a Phase Shift. Most Forward Ranged Attacks (f.Y) can consistently change the phase to Duel Phase.

Shifting to Duel Phase affects the players' recoverable HP. If the player causes a shift to Duel Phase, they get to recover some of their recoverable HP while the opponent loses some of theirs.

Shifting in Duel Phase Edit

Main article: Duel Phase

Triggering a Phase Shift in Duel Phase is slightly different compared to Field Phase. Unlike the latter, moves can increment the opponent's PSP in smaller quantities such as three or four points. Given this system, players can perform combos initially not possible with some moves in Field Phase. Once the opponent's PSP counter reaches 12, the game shifts back to Field Phase once more.

Shifting back to Field Phase provides an increase to the player's Support Gauge.

Trivia Edit

  • A glitch in Pokkén Tournament DX enables the use of Field or Duel Phase-exclusive moves to another Phase by maintaining a dash state while a Phase Shift occurs.