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Pikachu Libre
Pikachu Libre
Classification Mouse Pokémon
Type Electric
Implied Gender Female (Confirmed)
Style Speed
HP 570
Synergy Gauge Size 100CC
Stance Effects High: Charges Support Gauge.

Low: Avoids High Attacks.

Unlockability Starter
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Pikachu Libre is an Electric type Pokémon playable in Pokkén Tournament. She is an alternate form of Pikachu that first appeared in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

In Pokkén Tournament[]

Pikachu Libre is classified as a speed-type Pokémon, which makes her one of the fastest playable Pokémon and grants her significant combo abilities. To counteract this, she has very weak attacks. She, along with Weavile, is a fairly complex character with a lot of move options but has significant weaknesses as well.

Causing a phase change with a Pokémon Attack activates Power Up for Pikachu Libre.

Special Characteristics[]

Powering Up[]

A special ability of Pikachu Libre is that she can easily power up her moves for a short time. She can enhance her moves by causing Phase Shifts using a Pokémon move. Furthermore, using an enhanced Pokémon move to cause a Phase Shift temporarily increases her attack stat.

This unique ability allows her to build up momentum quickly in dealing high amounts of damage to the opponent.

Synergy Burst[]


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Character-specific Burst Mode Effects[]

Pikalibre counter2

Burst Attack: Thunderclap Press[]

Pikachu Libre dashes forward, hitting the opponent, followed by an upper-cut with her tail. The cutscene proceeds with the foe stunned on a wrestling ring. Pikachu Libre cheers with the audience, then jumps high to smash the opponent with an electricity-boosted slam from above.

Move List[]

Standard moves[]

Input Description Damage
Grab Attack In Field Phase, Pikachu Libre kicks the foe, does a pose, and slams the opponent with her tail.

In Duel Phase, Pikachu Libre stuns the opponent with electricity then throws them backwards.

Counter Attack Pikachu Libre builds up power then dashes forward. 60-91
Ranged Attack Pikachu Libre fires a bolt of energy. Links up to Side Ranged Attack and can be cancelled with a Pokémon move. 31
Side Ranged Attack Pikachu Libre leaps to the side and fires a large bolt of lightning. Links up to Forward Ranged Attack and can be cancelled into a wall jump. 22
Forward Ranged Attack Pikachu Libre leaps forward surrounded by a ball of electricity. 21
Backward Ranged Attack Pikachu Libre leaps back while sending out a pillar of lightning. Can be cancelled into a wall jump and allows Pikachu Libre's trajectory to be modified diagonally. 31
Jumping Ranged Attack Pikachu Libre launches a bolt of lightning. 19
Homing Attack Pikachu Libre smacks the opponent with her tail, punches, then kicks. Can be cancelled with R or B. Pierces counters and shields if fully charged. 103-145
Jumping Attack Pikachu Libre spins then kicks downward. Shifts Phases. 81
Weak Attack Pikachu Libre punches three times. Can be followed up with a strong attack. 41
Forward Weak Attack Pikachu Libre leaps forward, tail first. Can be cancelled into a Pokémon move. 42
High Stance Weak Attack Pikachu Libre leaps diagonally upward. Trajectory can be modified and transitions into midair attacks. 30
Low Stance Weak Attack Pikachu Libre performs a sliding kick. Can be cancelled into a Pokémon move. 21
Midair Weak Attack Pikachu Libre thrusts her tail forward, surrounding it with a ball of electricity. 11
Strong Attack Pikachu Libre turns around and launches a wave of dirt. 62
Forward Strong Attack Pikachu Libre punches then summons a pillar of lightning. 82
High Stance Strong Attack Pikachu Libre leaps tail first. If the X button is pressed again, she slams downwards with her tail. Followup pierces counters and enhances Pikachu Libre. 31, 46 (followup)
Low Stance Strong Attack Pikachu Libre sweeps with her tail, then leaps while kicking forward. 86
Midair Strong Attack Pikachu Libre kicks diagonally downwards. Can move and cancel with a wall jump. 31

Pokémon Moves[]


Name Notes Damage
A Double Team Functions as a dodge. Location can be changed with the D-Pad in Field Phase. Can transition into a jump with B, an attack with X or Y, a dash step with R, or (in field phase) a side motion with Side + A. 31 (Attack)
Forward + A Discharge Chargeable. Can be cancelled with R. 41-61
Back + A Electroweb Grabs midair opponents. Lowers opponents' speed. 41
A (Midair) Spark Serves as a counter. 41
Up + A (Duel Phase) Flying Press Trajectory can be modified diagonally with the D-Pad. 69
Down + A (Duel Phase) Wild Charge Do a spin-attack with your tail. If this connects, Pikachu Libre will follow up with what seems to be a stunner. Functions as a counter. Damages Pikachu Libre. Increased damage dealt to grounded opponents. 126
Burst Attack Thunderclap Press Pierces counters. Increases Pikachu Libre's attack and defense. 207

Update history[]


  • Midair strong attack now always hits opponents pressed against the wall.


  • Combo damage of high stance weak attack reduced.
  • Followup to low stance weak attack made easier to avoid.
  • Duration of Synergy Burst reduced.


  • This particular Pikachu's gender is confirmed to be female, as indicated by her tail, just as the Cosplay Pikachu that originally appeared in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
  • Pikachu Libre is the only Battle Pokémon who is no longer usable in the current generation of the main series games; Cosplay Pikachu cannot be transferred forward from Generation 6, where it debuted.
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