Welcome to Pokkén Tournament Wiki! We hope you decide to contribute to this wiki (or continue to)! First, there's a few things to go over.

Understanding the MissionEdit

First and foremost, our goal as a wiki is to document information on the video game Pokkén Tournament. While editing your profile, writing blogs, and chatting with other users is great in moderation, it serve as a way to bond with other users and breed discussion, not take the focus away from our main goal.

Understanding the InterfaceEdit

Unless they choose to use the VisualEditor, most wikicode can be confusing for newer viewers. It's a good idea to use the preview button before saving edits to see exactly what they do or ask for help from more experienced users.

Understanding What to EditEdit

At times, it can feel like there's nothing to do on the wiki. Even still, Pokkén Tournament Wiki is not complete and probably never will be. For example, you can discuss pages listed for deletion in Candidates for Deletion. It's also a good idea to look at Special:Insights for other suggestions on pages to create or add images to, among other things.

Understanding the CollaborationEdit

If you have an idea for the wiki or a page, a good place to go are the talk pages on top of each article. You can also talk to an admin or bureaucrat on their message wall if you want to suggest a major addition to the wiki.

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