Regi Ruins
Dimensions 12m by 20m
Spawn Distance 11m
Availability Unlockable

Regi Ruins is one of the stages in Pokkén Tournament.


Regi Ruins has very polarized dimensions, with a thin width and the maximum height possible. However, its spawn distance is relatively balanced and the synergy gauge spawn criteria is fairly regular, if somewhat plentiful.

Synergy Gauge SpawnsEdit


Spawn LocationSpawns per field phaseAmount of SynergyInterval length
Each end of the stage34-5 Small10s


Event typeAmount of Synergy
Phase shift5-9 Small


Ancient ruins in a desert. Wall paintings and numerous Unown letters have been found here, making it an extremely important location for historical research.


Regi Ruins

Trivia Edit

  • The following Pokémon are visible in the background:
    • Registeel's statue is half dug in sand so only its upper body is on the surface.
    • Regirock's statue.
    • Regice's statue is surrounded by ice pillars made of stone sticking out of the ground.
    • Regigigas's statue forms the altar and look.
    • Shuckle is standing on one of the stones under Registeel's left hand. Another Shuckle is situated closer to Regirock's statue. It hides in its shell and then shows up.
    • Hippowdon is standing on the sand with its mouth half open.
    • Sigilyph is flying smoothly up and down looking at Regigigas's statue.
    • Three Darmanitan in Zen Mode near the altar.
    • Bronzong is flying out of the corridor and appears under the arc on the first floor. After moving its hands back and forth, it disappears in the corridor.
    • Claydol is levitating from right to left and vice versa.
    • Unowns in huge packs are are soaring around the aera. Some of them vanish and emerge on the surface of the wall.
    • Cofagrigus is staggering while closed but then it flies up and opens up, waving its long hands. There's another Cofagrigus in the vicinity, but it always remains closed.
    • Trapinch is shaking his head.
    • Flygon moves from one fracture in the roof to another.
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