Classification Pincer Pokémon
Type Bug/Steel
Implied Gender Male
Style Power
HP 600
Synergy Gauge Size 200CC
Stance Effects High: Counter Armor against certain attacks

Low: Avoids High Attacks.

Unlockability Starter
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Scizor is a Bug/Steel Type battle Pokémon exclusive to Pokken Tournament DX and the arcade version of Pokkén Tournament, and it is known as the Pincer Pokémon. It was announced on October 13th, 2016 in a NicoNico livestream and made available to use on October 20th, 2016 alongside Version D02.

In Pokkén Tournament Edit

Scizor is of the Power fighter archetype, and as such, is geared towards offense. Scizor does not suffer from poor mobility in exchange for strength like some other Power type fighters do, and has an excellent combo game. In addition, it has a few unique traits, such as its Hover Turn and Swords Dance. Swords Dance in particular is one of the most important moves Scizor has access to, and thus should be used to prepare for its next offense against the enemy to maximize damage output and create more options for itself. The extra moves granted by Swords Dance make Scizor a fairly accessible fighter, with many relatively easy-to-learn combos that are as effective as other fighter's more complicated combos. Despite this, there are still challenging aspects of playing as Scizor, and complexities for players to explore.

Special Characteristics Edit

Hover Dash Edit

By performing a dash and holding the direction, Scizor will continuously move forward at high speed. It has a Weak Attack that can only be performed during this, which can be followed-up with a unique version of Bullet Punch. Can nullify certain projectiles.

Hover Glide Edit

By Holding R midair, Scizor will hover in the air for a short period of time. R can be pressed again to bring him back to the ground more quickly.

Hover Turn Edit

If a dash is performed, another dash input in another direction will result in Scizor performing a consecutive dash. This is far faster than two normal dashes, and is good for avoiding attacks and controlling distance.

Swords Dance Edit

Swords Dance allows Scizor to access special chain attacks that deal massive damage when combined with other moves, as well as a homing projectile that aids Scizor's otherwise lacking ranged play.

Synergy Burst Edit

Aesthetics Edit

Scizor burst

Mega Scizor in its Synergy Burst victory animation.

Scizor Mega Evolves into Mega Scizor, and gains a variety of glowing visual effects. Its charged Ranged Attacks that create pincers resembling Scizor's own will now resemble Mega Scizor's, and Bug Bite gains a new animation where it creates an explosion after grabbing the target, rather than throwing them like it normally does. Additionally, Mega Scizor's Low Stance Weak Attack and the first hit of its Weak Attack will also produce rapid punches as well as clamping Scizor's pincers down like it does regularly. If a battle is won in this form, a unique animation will play out where Mega Scizor briefly creates its glowing wing constructs and then Bullet Punches the air furiously.

Character-Specific Burst Mode Effects Edit

Burst Attack - Iron Meteor Dive Edit

Scizor charges upward, hitting the opponent into the air, and proceeds to strike the opponent multiple times in a zigzag pattern before smashing them onto the ground. It then grows giant energy wings and dives down upon the opponent with the full force of a meteor.

Move List Edit

Input Name Description Damage
Y (Field Phase) Ranged Attack Fires many staple-like objects at the ground in front of Scizor. Hits multiple times and can be followed up with another Y press. 42
Side + Y, Y (Field Phase) Side Ranged Attack Fires three red buzzsaw-like projectiles while dashing to the side. 49
Side + Y (Hold, Field Phase) Side Ranged Attack: Charge Fires a single large pincer-like projectile, causing great knockback. 80
Forward + Y (Field Phase) Forward Ranged Attack Scizor aggressively beats its wings while lunging forward, creating a green shockwave around itself. 50
Backward + Y (Field Phase) Backward Ranged Attack Scizor launches four buzzsaws at the ground in front of itself, which then travel forward. 88
Backward + Y (Hold, Field Phase) Backward Ranged Attack: Charge Scizor jumps back and shoots many silk strands in a wide arc in front of itself. Causes a phase shift if it hits. 100
Y (Midair, Field Phase) Jumping Ranged Attack Throws a buzzsaw at the opponent 54
Y (Hold midair, Field Phase) Jumping Ranged Attack: Charge Fires a pincer construct at the enemy. Like the charged side ranged attack, it launches the opponent into the air if it hits. 80
X. X (Field Phase) Homing Attack Scizor rushes at the opponent and knees them with the first hit, and then swipes at them twice with the second button press. Second press can be charged to pierce shields and counters. This move causes a phase shift if landed successfully. 100, 80 when fully charged
X (Midair) Jumping Attack A two-hit dive kick. Can be incorporated into many combos. The second hit can be cancelled with R to go into Hover Glide. 94 (Field Phase), 76 (Duel Phase)
Y, Y Weak Attack Scizor hits the opponent with its pincers. Can perform Metal Claw with an additional Y press. 52
Forward + Y, Y Forward Weak Attack Much like the weak attack, but much stronger and delivers more knockback. 120
Forward + Y, X Forward Weak Attack ~ Strong Attack Follow-up An alternate version of the Forward Weak Attack, but it sends the opponent upwards. 80
Backward + Y Backward Weak Attack A weak kick. 30
Up + Y High Stance Weak Attack Scizor's wings flare up and damage the enemy. Can be used as an anti-air attack with its large hitbox. 60
Down + Y Low Stance Weak Attack Scizor clamps its pincer together at the opponent. 20
Y, Y (Midair) Midair Weak Attack A flurry of rapid punches followed up by a horiztonal swipe. Useful for aerial combos, and Aerial Ace can be performed with an extra Y press. 45
X Strong Attack Scizor smashes its claw into the ground, sending the opponent upwards. If X is pressed again, Scizor will jump up to follow the trajectory of the enemy. X may be pressed additional times for even more attacks. 90
Forward + X, X Forward Strong Attack A sliding kick followed up by a rising uppercut. An excellent combo starter, as it leaves Scizor and the enemy in the air, ready for Scizor to follow-up with more attacks. 86
Backward + X Backward Strong Attack Scizor fires small sparks from its claw in front of it. Can be held down for more range, although this will do more damage the closer Scizor is to the enemy. This move can be cancelled with R + Forward. 80, Up to 100 when fully charged
Up + X High Stance Strong Attack A wide kick. 60
Down + X Low Stance Strong Attack A slow, but powerful sweeping claw swipe. 100
Y + B Grab Attack In Duel Phase, Scizor hits the enemy into the air, wraps them in silk, pulls them back, and then hits them with its claw. In Field Phase, Scizor wraps the enemy in silk and charges at them. 120 (Duel Phase) 80 (Field Phase)
X + A Counter Attack Scizor shoots silk at the enemy. When charged, it shoots farther and has more hitboxes. 60, up to 80 when fully charged
R (Midair) Hover Glide Scizor hovers briefly in midair, although he quickly descends after a short period of time. R can be pressed again to bring him back down quicker.
Dash step + press another direction Hover Turn Scizor can use this technique to quickly dash twice in two different directions. Useful for dodging and closing in on (or backing away from) an opponent.
Forward + A Metal Claw Scizor lunges forward, creating a large red pincer construct in front of it. Useful in combos. 80
Backward + A U-Turn A multi-hit backflip kick. 65
A (Midair) Aerial Ace A swift pair of diving slashes, with the second one pulling Scizor away from the opponent. Very useful in aerial combos. 40
Down + A Bullet Punch Many rapid punches that have a specific range that their hitboxes can do damage in. It does not do damage in the space between Scizor and the punches themselves. If spaced properly, can be followed-up with other moves for high damage. If input down and backward simultaneously, the range of the punches will be much closer to Scizor, making it easier the hit up close. And if forward and down is pressed, the range will be extended even farther away from Scizor. 60
X (During Bullet Punch) X-Scissor Scizor forms large red pincers and clamps them down on the enemy. Has two hitboxes. 78
Y + B (During Bullet Punch) Bug Bite A powerful grab attack that steals positive status effects from the opponent and grants minor HP recovery. 100
A Swords Dance Has Counter properties, although it doesn't do damage. When used, it creates two sword constructs behind Scizor, which can be stacked with an additional two swords. Having these allows Scizor to extend his combos dramatically with additional moves that do tremendous damage in conjunction. Using these new moves removes one layer of swords, however.
A (During Swords Dance) Swords Dance: Follow-up Attack Scizor throws two swords, which spin around and home in on opponents. They are multi-hitting and do high damage if all hits connect. 145
Forward + A, A (With Swords Dance) Metal Claw: Follow-up Attack Scizor spins two swords at the opponent. 14
Backward + A, A (With Swords Dance) U-Turn: Follow-up Attack After U-Turn, Scizor takes two of his swords and slams them down vertically in front of him. 54
A, A (Midair, with Swords Dance) Aerial Ace: Follow-up Attack Scizor twirls two swords around himself in a very wide arc. He moves forward as he does this, making it cover a very large area in Duel Phase. 63
Down + A, A (With Swords Dance) Bullet Punch: Follow-up Attack Scizor hurls two swords, which spin in a vortex at a certain range. Like Bullet Punch, this move needs to be spaced in order to land successfully 24
Forward + Forward (Hold) Hover Dash A continuous forward dash. Can nullify some projectiles.
Forward + Y (During Hover Dash, Duel Phase) Hover Dash ~ Weak Attack A rapid flurry of punches. A close-range Bullet Punch can be performed if Y is hit again upon landing, making this a great combo starter. 50
L + R (During Synergy Burst) Iron Meteor Dive Mega Scizor dives forward in an upward arc. If it hits, Scizor will strike the opponent multiple times in an upward zigzag pattern, and then slams them down to the ground. Mega Scizor grows bigger wings made of energy, and finally, it dives down at the enemy, causing a large explosion. Initiating this Burst Attack serves as an anti-air, so it is best executed while the opponent is jumping in front of Scizor. 223

Poké Combos Edit

Inputs Name Description Damage
Y, Y, Y Poké Combo 1 Weak Attack followed by Metal Claw. 116
Down + Y, Y Poké Combo 2 Low Stance Weak Attack followed by U-Turn. 71
Y, Y, Y (Midair) Poké Combo 3 Midair Weak Attack followed by Aerial Ace. 90
X, X, X, X Poké Combo 4 Strong Attack followed by a jump, Jumping Attack, and then Aerial Ace. 138
Forward + X, X, X, X Poké Combo 5 Forward Strong Attack followed by Jumping Attack and then Aerial Ace. 145
Forward + Y, Y (During Hover Dash) Poké Combo 6 Hover Dash ~ Weak Attack followed by Bullet Punch (minimum range). 98
Forward + X, X, X, X (During Hover Dash) Poké Combo 7 Similar to Poké Combo 5, but performed out of Hover Dash, and is slightly stronger. 163

Trivia Edit

  • The Battle Entry animation in which Scizor slides into battle, as well as its Burst Attack (Iron Meteor Dive) are possible references to the Gundam anime series, specifically the SYSTEM ∀-99 ∀ Gundam and its finishing move, Moonlight Butterfly in the series Turn A Gundam.
  • It's also possible that his burst move is based off Guilty Gear, where Chipp Zanuff has similar motions during one of his super moves.
  • Scizor's use of the move Bug Bite is unique in that it uses Scizor's pincers, rather than its mouth.
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