Support set screen

Support Select Screen.

Support Pokémon are a mechanic in Pokkén Tournament that allows fighters to summon Pokémon to help them in the course of battle. Support Pokémon are selected before battle, and come in set pairs. Support Pokémon are categorized by three different styles: Attack, Enhance, and Disrupt. Attack Style Supports focus on dealing damage to the opponent, while Enhance are geared towards aiding the player who summoned them with useful statuses and other effects. And finally, Disrupt Style Supports are for hindering the opponent with, as the name implies, disruptful effects. Support Pokémon can be summoned when the Support Gauge is full, which are filled slowly over time at different rates depending on the Support. Alternatively, they can be instantly filled at the beginning of rounds by Cheer Skills.

List of Support Sets Edit

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