Scizor swords dance

Scizor performing Swords Dance.

Swords Dance is Scizor's main Pokémon move, activated by pressing A. When used, it creates two sword energy constructs behind Scizor, which can be stacked with an additional two swords. Having these allows Scizor to extend his combos dramatically with additional moves that do tremendous damage in conjunction. Using one of these new moves costs one layer of swords, however. When in Synergy Burst, Mega Scizor creates two layers with only one use of Swords Dance.

Since combos and high damage are crucial to Scizor's playstyle, Swords Dance is perhaps one of the most important and useful moves in his moveset. Players should take opportune moments to set up layers of this effect when it is safe to do so, so that they may increase their damage output when they next begin their offense. This move also grants Counter properties despite not doing damage, so it can absorb hits while it is being performed. But like all Counter Attacks, being grabbed in this state will result in a critical hit, so it can be heavily punished in this way.