Version 1.2 was an update released for Pokkén Tournament on April 12th, 2016.



  • Defense Up now improves shield durability.
  • Defense Down now worsens shield durability.

Playable PokémonEdit


  • Confusion's hitbox made smaller.
  • Jumping attack can now be countered for a critical hit and has less range.

Pikachu LibreEdit

  • Midair strong attack now always hits opponents pressed against the wall.

Shadow MewtwoEdit

  • Backward ranged attack has more endlag before the player can use Miracle Eye and is cancelled entirely if the move is used again.
  •  Backward ranged attack is now a single hit move.
  • Miracle Eye has more pushback, a higher recharge time in field phase, and deals less damage in field phase.

Support PokémonEdit


  • Damage reduced from 132 to 102.
  • Shield damage reduced.
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