Version 1.3 is an update for the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament released on June 15th, 2016.


Battle PokémonEdit


  • Forward strong attack shield pressure reduced.
  •  Bone Rush ~ Downward Swing Follow-up damage decreased.
  • Glitch fixed that causes Support Pokémon to be unable to be called after attacking in Burst Mode.


  • Stall time of Nuzzle increased in order to allow grabs.
  • Opponent given more time to avoid Volt Shock Fist by blocking.


  • Hitstun on low stance strong attack reduced.


  • Backward weak attack is faster and deals more damage.


  • Hitstun of Icicle Crash ~ Signal Slash increased.
  • Taunt ~ Night Slash has less invincibility.


  • Weak Attack ~ Strong Attack pushes the opponent further.
  • Midair Weak Attack hitstun decreased.


  • Air Slash hitbox size increased.
  • Synergy Burst duration reduced.


  • Shadow Punch hitbox size increased.


  • Endlag of low stance weak attack reduced.
  • Midair weak attack better at avoiding long range attacks.
  • Burst Attack no longer causes a guard break.

Pikachu LibreEdit

  • Combo damage of high stance weak attack reduced.
  • Followup to low stance weak attack made easier to avoid.
  • Duration of Synergy Burst reduced.


  • Strong attack made to guard break less easily.
  • Bullet Seed grows faster.


  • Lowered movement speed when using side ranged attack.
  • Duration of self-inflicted negative status from strong attack reduced.
  • Forward strong attack damage increased.


  • Backward ranged attack guard breaks less easily.
  • Strong attack made to allow for combos on grounded opponents more easily.
  • Fire Spin made to guard break less easily.
  • Flame Charge can be avoided less easily.
  • Glitch fixed that prevented Braixen from being able to jump out of Light Screen.
  • Midair dash modified.
  • Glitch fixed that causes Support Pokémon to be unable to be called after burst attack.
  • Burst attack no longer guard breaks.


  • Counter modified to hit aerial opponents more easily.
  • Timing to block back strong attack changed.
  • Timing to counter low stance strong attack changed.
  • Dig altered to hit opponents in Burst Mode.
  • Stone Edge made less punishable on shield.
  • Burst attack modified to guarantee the opponent will not be hit if they guard on the first hit.


  • Timing of Mewtwo's Synergy Gauge decrease during counter changed.
  • Range of forward ranged attack reduced.
  • Backward ranged attack made slower and can now be stopped by Pokémon attacks.
  • Homing attack deals less hits during the second portion of the move.
  • Drain Punch increases Synergy Gauge further on first hit.
  • All Pokémon Moves drain Mewtwo's Synergy Gauge further.
  • Barrier made slower.
  • Confusion made easier to block.
  • Invincibility after missing Burst Attack reduced.

Shadow MewtwoEdit

  • Counter can lead into more combos while in Burst Mode.
  • Back ranged attack has increased hitstun and transitions into Miracle Eye more easily.
  • Back ranged attack ~ Miracle Eye hitstun increased.
  • Startup and endlag of midair ranged attack increased.
  • Homing attack deals less hits during the second portion of the move.
  • Back midair dash modified to offer less time to interrupt the move.
  • Recoil damage from Vortex increased and damage on guarding opponents decreased.
  • Endlag on Recover decreased.
  • Recoil damage from Miracle Eye increased.
  • Thunder combos modified to work on airborne opponents.
  • Earthquake made easier to block.
  • Duration of Synergy Burst reduced.

Support PokémonEdit


  • Damage increased from 42 to 63.


  • Damage on guard increased.
  • Opponent's recoverable HP on hit decreased.


  • Damage increased from 78 to 104.


  • Pushback on guard decreased.


  • Damage decreased.
  • Guard breaks less easily.


  • Combos airborne opponents more easily.


  • Recovers support gauge later.
  • Guard breaks less easily.


  • Invincibility removed.
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