A promotional image for version A14.

Version A14
is an update for the arcade version of Pokkén Tournament released on July 20th, 2016. It added four new characters and made balance changes to bring the game in line with the Wii U version as of Version 1.3, as well as including Reshiram and Cresselia as support Pokémon, adding Mission Panel mode, and expanding the Tutorial mode.


Battle PokémonEdit


  • Forward strong attack shield pressure reduced.
  •  Bone Rush ~ Downward Swing Follow-up damage decreased.
  • Glitch fixed that causes Support Pokémon to be unable to be called after attacking in Burst Mode.


  • Stall time of Nuzzle increased in order to allow grabs.
  • Opponent given more time to avoid Volt Shock Fist by blocking.


  • Hitstun on low stance strong attack reduced.


  • Backward weak attack is faster and deals more damage.


  • Hitstun of Icicle Crash ~ Signal Slash increased.
  • Taunt ~ Night Slash has less invincibility.


  • Weak Attack ~ Strong Attack pushes the opponent further.
  • Midair Weak Attack hitstun decreased.


  • Air Slash hitbox size increased.
  • Synergy Burst duration reduced.


  • Shadow Punch hitbox size increased.


  • Endlag of low stance weak attack reduced.
  • Midair weak attack better at avoiding long range attacks.
  • Burst Attack no longer causes a guard break.

Pikachu LibreEdit

  • Combo damage of high stance weak attack reduced.
  • Followup to low stance weak attack made easier to avoid.
  • Duration of Synergy Burst reduced.


  • Strong attack made to guard break less easily.
  • Bullet Seed grows faster.


  • Lowered movement speed when using side ranged attack.
  • Duration of self-inflicted negative status from strong attack reduced.
  • Forward strong attack damage increased.
  • Minimize's bugs regarding positioning removed.


  • Timing of Mewtwo's Synergy Gauge decrease during counter changed.
  • Range of forward ranged attack reduced.
  • Homing attack deals less hits during the second portion of the move.
  • Drain Punch increases Synergy Gauge further on first hit.
  • All Pokémon Moves drain Mewtwo's Synergy Gauge further.
  • Barrier made slower.
  • Confusion made easier to block.
  • Invincibility after missing Burst Attack reduced.

Support PokémonEdit


  • Damage increased from 42 to 63.


  • Damage on guard increased.
  • Opponent's recoverable HP on hit decreased.
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