Lucario during wakeup.

Wakeup is a state in Pokkén Tournament that occurs after a fighter is knocked down from an attack. During this wake-up animation, the fighter is immune to all attacks. After the fighter fully stands up again, their hitbox becomes active once more, leaving them open to attacks if they don't react accordingly.

Mechanics Edit

Button presses during wake-up Edit

While the player cannot fully act during the wake-up animation, pressing an action button at the near-end of the animation slightly shortens the invincibility time. This is especially noticeable when holding the block button when waking up; the shield begins to interact with attacks if the player were hit slightly earlier. This means however, readying a block puts the player in a risk of being grabbed.

On the contrary, not pressing any action button during wake-up slightly extends the fighter's invincibility frames. This technique is useful to avoid getting hit immediately, though it can be easily mistimed, allowing the opponent to strike early.

Okizeme Edit

Okizeme (起き攻め), or Oki, refers to the general concept of approaching a knocked down opponent. Knocking down an opponent provides the player with multiple options to gain an advantage during the game. An Oki technique includes forcing the opponent to act disadvantageously the moment they wake up: forcing them to take block damage, or making them use a Counter Attack, only to be grabbed in the last moment.

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